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Run 3 Unblocked is a popular and addictive platform game that challenges players to navigate through a series of challenging levels as they run and jump through space. In the game, you’ll control a character as you run through the levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting bonuses along the way. With its fast-paced gameplay, challenging levels, and catchy soundtrack, Run 3 Unblocked is a must-play for fans of platform games.

One of the key features of Run 3 Unblocked is its simple but addictive gameplay. To play, you’ll simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your character as you run and jump through the levels. As you progress through the game, the levels will become increasingly challenging, with new obstacles and hazards to avoid.

One of the great things about Run 3 Unblocked is its replay value. With over 100 levels to play through and multiple characters to unlock, there’s always something new to discover in the game. Plus, with its high score system and online leaderboards, you’ll be able to compete with players from around the world and see who can run the farthest and score the most points.

Overall, Run 3 Unblocked is a fun and addictive platform game that’s perfect for players of all ages. So why not give it a try and see how far you can run?


Left arrow key: Move the character to the left
Right arrow key: Move the character to the right
Up arrow key: Jump
Down arrow key: Duck or slide (depending on the character)

Additionally, some characters have special abilities that can be activated by pressing certain keys. For example, the Skater character can perform a flip by pressing the “Z” key, while the lizard character can wall jump by pressing the “X” key.

How to play?

Playing Run 3 Unblocked is easy and fun. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Go to a website that offers Run 3 Unblocked, such as

  2. Click on the “Play Now” button to start the game.

  3. Use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move your character left and right.

  4. Use the up arrow key to jump over obstacles and gaps in the ground.

  5. Avoid crashing into obstacles or falling off the edge of the course.

  6. Collect bonuses and power-ups along the way to help you progress further in the game.

  7. If you crash or fall off the edge, you’ll have to start the level over again.

  8. Keep playing and trying to beat your high score!

Remember to pay attention to your surroundings and use a combination of the controls to navigate through the levels and avoid obstacles. With some practice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro at Run 3 Unblocked.

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